Enter Sherlock Holmes.
chevrette-pastel: Imagine after Sherlock and John had sex for the first time - it was clumsy, sweeet and passionate - they just lie there pressed up against each other, legs entangled. And Sherlock is quiet. John already thinks he's fallen asleep, but then he hears Sherlock is silently crying and John holds him and asks him what's wrong and Sherlock mutters, "Nothing's wrong, I'm just so happy. So happy, John..."


he’d have thought he would never love someone as he loves John, but even more that nobody would ever love him as John does, and he would be so happy and so overwhelmed and all of those years of suppressed emotions would come pouring out


Such a tease!




sherlock creates a shortcut on john’s phone so that whenever he types sherlock’s name it changes to “my arousingly brilliant and surprisingly flexible husband”

john always forgets about it until he embarrasses himself while answering…


Number 15 in a series.  A celebration of sartorial splendour.
Others in this series: Basil Rathbone,  Martin Freeman, Jude Law,  Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams,  Jonny Lee Miller, Vinette Robinson, Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Andrew Scott, Nigel Bruce, Robert Downey, Jr., Jon Michael Hall, Two Violets

I made a really quick postcard to give out to any Sherlock nerds I meet at SDCC~ I’m not selling anything anywhere, I’m just going as a regular attendee, so you probably will not be able to find me haha; I’ll be going to SherlockeDCC on Thursday night for a little while (not the whole time) so that’s probs your best shot. If you see me just ask me for one, things don’t have to get awkward lol~ If you don’t know what I look like then IT JUST MAKES THE GAME MORE FUN I GUESS

PS THIS PRINT SHOP OVERNIGHTPRINTS IS PRETTY LEGIT I ordered these Sunday night and they arrived today, which is a rad turnaround time for custom printed stuff, v impressed

Happy/Sad/Confused (FINALLY) 




sometimes i stop and think about sherlock’s s1 gloves with the stitching and the little knuckle holes


shutthefrontdoor. i had gotten over this until this moment gdi

now i’m thinking about Sherlock fingering John wearing those gloves