torchwood221b: When Sherlock woke up on Easter morning he found a card on John's pillow that read "Hoppy Easter!" inside he saw John had written him a note "I have hidden just one Easter egg for you to find, good luck." Sherlock spent the entire morning trying to find the one egg but no matter where he looked he couldn't seem to find it. Taking a break for brunch he told John he was stumped. John took the egg out of his pocket and passed it to his lover. When Sherlock opened it there was a ring inside.


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Can you just imagine what it will be like for Sherlock the first time he has John in his arms, though? Being so overwhelmed by love he wouldn’t even know what to do with himself… He would be so still, eyes closed and lips parted against John’s hair, just breathing him in. Heart fit to burst with how much he completely, and utterly loves this man.

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Anonymous: "I've only hidden one egg this year," Sherlock said when John finally got out of the bathroom on Easter morning. "Sherlock, I'm not tearing apart the flat for your amusement," John replied. "It's a vibrating egg," Sherlock said with a smile, "the sooner you find it the sooner we can take it for a test drive." Sherlock had estimated it would take John thirty minutes to find the egg, he did it in fifteen.


YES!  This was where my dirty mind went earlier. *wicked grin*


In which Martin is an A class player with mad game


and Ben is a fucking nerd as usual


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Im tryin to get over th block

transparent kikilock ❤
bonus catboy sherlock, maybe a curse happened?

damn i love this au



in what universe would you see this gif and be like “that’s probably martin freeman”


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